Hey. My name is Jarrod.

I’m a creative director, advisor, and accidental muralist working from home in San Francisco. Prior to taking on my role as Creative Director at SurveyMonkey in February 2021, I was Creative Director at Cisco Meraki and before that at True North, working with clients like Disney, ABC Television, Doctors Without Borders, Visa, ASPCA, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and more.

As array of screenshots of the 2020 version of the Meraki website on different devices

New website, who dis?

As Creative Director at Cisco Meraki, I have lead a wide range of exciting and challenging projects including a complete site redesign and simultaneous CMS migration. We also threw in all-new IA and UX, with a with a brand refresh on the side. When all was said and done, we were able to focus the story around Meraki as a cloud-based platform, not simply a line of really cool products.
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As array of screenshots of the Disney Visa digital experience on different devices.

To infinity and beyond with Disney’s Visa credit card digital marketing.

In my time working with the Visa folks over at the House of Mouse, I was able to contribute to a multitude of projects including all new designs for their website, interactive content, out-of-home advertising, signage, and more. Getting the chance to work with the world’s most iconic characters from Mickey to Darth Vader was a dream come true.
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As array of screenshots of the Doctors without Borders digital programmatic ad campaign on different devices

From 2012 to 2016, I led creative for Doctors Without Borders online advertising.

Having the privilege  to work with a client whose mission you deeply believe in is a wonderful thing. I had the opportunity to work on a team leading a broad range of compelling creative projects with Doctors without Borders, including a nationally televised commercial. See how I was able to make an impact and increase the donor base by showing the world these brave medical professionals in action.
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