Delighting users like never before.

My role
Art Director

Creative Direction, Strategy, UI/UX Design, Responsive Design, Mobile.
Disney is a brand like no other. They teamed up with industry powerhouses Visa and Chase to make a very special credit card available to Disney fans, of which there are many. The card, naturally, has special features that earn you free Disney merchandise, park tickets, and early access to Disney’s unique brand of entertainment such as Broadway shows.

There is an almost overwhelming amount of information available to the people who either have or want this Disney credit card. Disney wanted to rebuild and redesign the site dedicated to getting this information to cardmembers and prospective cardmembers in a way they could easily absorb and find exactly what they were looking for.

Project Highlights

UX strategy & fully responsive design
Content marketing strategy & roadmap
Location-aware customization

The Problem Statement

The outgoing site used Flash (remember Flash?), wasn’t searchable, and was hard to update. Over years of use, this lead to stagnation and densely-packed pages with inconsistent navigation. They needed something modern, flexible, and mobile-compatible which meant responsive design; I jumped at the chance.

From the RFP and the pitch to the build and launch, I was involved with nearly every aspect of the process. My role encompassed everything from presenting wireframes to the client to sitting in on UX focus groups (behind one-way mirrors, just like in the movies) to creative direction and design.

The Strategy

We took a look at the data and we found out some surprising insights, like just how many repeat visits for people to actually convert

I led our team through extensive wireframing and prototyping to strike the right balance between information and Disney affinity.

The Process

We introduced some effective innovations, including a customized site experience depending on the anonymous tracking and the visitor's entrance path- dynamically shifting from acquisition to retention to up-sell messaging.

Since the product had some perks specific to the theme parks, like a free pass to meet characters like Darth Vader, I pitched an idea for the website to be location-aware. Commonplace now, but a tough sell in 2014. In order to sell the client on the idea, I helped prototype the feature, which allowed users to opt-in and use location data to see custom relevant content when the user was near a Disney location, like Disneyland or Walt Disney World. We used that feature to push the most relevant offers and messaging to guests, so they could take advantage of use them right there while you're on vacation, or be enticed to apply so they wouldn't miss out.
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Key Takeaways

During user testing, Cardmembers and prospects alike heavily praised the look and feel of the redesign, calling it "very Disney," "happy," and "bright."

They reported the site was easy to navigate and find the information they needed, whether on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

A few weeks after launching, we found traffic spiked, especially from mobile devices and tablets (compared to the outgoing site that was replaced) with no additional drivers or email campaigns announcing the re-launch. This was purely word-of-mouth. Conversations taking place on mommy blogs and twitter gave us favorable feedback.

And most important of all, there was a 36% increase in new Cardmember acquisition. The look and feel developed for DisneyRewards.com was then leveraged for Disney Visa’s SEM campaigns and other digital efforts. Disney Visa’s overall web presence was able to  forward lead by the trail we blazed.